Your Printing Solution Headquarters

Founded in 1981, Great Western Printing has built a reputation on our ability to exceed absolutely ALL of your printing and design needs, by offering up custom designs and the highest quality products to clients from a wide variety of industries. Some of the industries we serve include: schools, businesses, restaurants — even clothing companies (to name a few). We’re a one-stop shop, your printing solution headquarters, staffed by creative screen printing experts who can get the job done right and on-time the FIRST time for the lowest possible price. Check out our recent work to see some examples of what we’ve done for these and other well-known clients. 

  • Legacy Fine Art (John Lennon Tee Art Collection)
  • Palm Beach County School Board
  • Heath Evans Foundation (of the New Orleans Saints)
  • Eastern Metal Supply

Meet Shawn


With Shawn’s expert eye and extensive knowledge of the latest design style, printing technology and techniques, he will WOW you with his creative prowess, or take your own personal design to the next level. His unique mastery of printing involves a creative twist and the latest technology and techniques, including: Foiling, Discharge, Digital, Flocking, and Traditional.

He blends all of these techniques to create specialized designs that have customers requesting him by name. With his unmatched creative vision, finely honed skills and wonderful personality — Shawn truly is a master of his craft!

  1. A cotton t-shirt blended with polyester can release approximately 1/4 of its weight in air pollutants and 10x its weight in carbon monoxide.

  2. Each organic fiber t-shirt actually eliminates the use of 150 grams of agricultural pesticide.

  3. It takes 1 pound of chemicals to grow 3 pounds of conventional cotton; organic cotton is chemical-free.

  4. Organic cotton is free of formaldehyde finishes.

  5. Organic cotton breathes and wears well, unlike synthetic materials which pill, emit static electricity, and trap perspiration

  6. Most individuals suffering from skin sensitivities can be cured by switching to organic cotton.

  7. Natural and organic fibers are processed with fewer chemicals and in turn are better for the environment.